I have been thinking about Well Thumbed word of mouth. The best I can come up with today is Well Thumbed takes the written word and recycles it by mouth. Not that good. Certainly nothing to blog about.

So, to clear my mind and shake up my thinking while I am packing my bags….  Have you seen the time? According to the Edinburgh clock on the tower below it’s  10 to 1. Good odds and high time I got my Notional act together and took it on the low road (to high places). Ay, Well Thumbed is away to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

Some reasonably random thoughts on publicity…

I am delighted that Well Thumbed has been getting some great word of mouth. It’s the best form of marketing by all accounts.

  • The Well Thumbed feedback is really favourable.
  • The Well Thumbed scuttlebutt is more than affirmative.
  • The Well Thumbed grapevine is absolutely positive.
  • The buzz is encouraging.

My favourite word of mouth is ‘oral’. A reviewer at the Barnstaple Fringe came twice.

  • I have leaflets.
  • I have posters.

Whitespace poster

  • I have press releases.

The day after tomorrow, following the get-in and technical production stuff, and just a few short hours before Well Thumbed begins its run on the Edinburgh Fringe, there’s a Meet the Media event. Apparently, if you are/one is lucky you might get 30 seconds with an opinion maker.

Here’s the pitch:

Well Thumbed is a spoken word gig. ‘Stand-up literature’ for those in need of a genre. “Classic books with the clean bits taken out” for a marketing strapline. It’s a shockingly hilarious show with the words of more than 70 writers distilled into less than an hour.

If I get to say all that have I said too much? Should I namedrop some of the authors?

With a show like Well Thumbed word of mouth starts as gasps and laughter. If you are in the audience and like my show enough you’ll laugh a lot. That’ll makes you feel good. So, when it’s over, and you are back in the real world you may need to share your experience. You’ll find that talking helps. Actually using word of mouth. If it’s good for you it’ll be just what I need.

Do you know how to build an audience?

Here’s a link that may help with that. Well Thumbed tickets

So, Edinburgh, adjust your fringe, let’s get warmed up, ready to give it some great word of mouth.  Stretch those lips and swivel that tongue…

The Leith Police dismisseth us.

The Leith Police dismisseth us.

The Leith Police dismisseth us.

Start with a whisper and pump up the volume. It’s time to get get your word of mouth on fleek.

If the Leith Police were too much for you (Quickly, get back to the Royal Mile! Would you like a flyer for a very funny show at Venue 375?)  here’s an easier Edinburgh exercise that is well worth learning and giving good word of mouth.

Well Thumbed is at Whitespace, nightly at nine.

Well Thumbed is at Whitespace, nightly at nine.

Well Thumbed is at Whitespace, nightly at nine


Hope to see you there.



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