This weather is interfering with my best intentions. There’s loads to do in the Notional office, organising Well Thumbed press releases, posters, paraphernalia and propaganda. But the sky is bright, the birds are tweeting in the trees… dammit, I should be tweeting more… No, too busy right now. I am enjoying a book in the garden. When I raise my eyes from The Circle this the sight I see….

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.13.31

Bucolic and beguiling. & still I loll in the warming light, absent mindedly caramelising my melanin tones. Even my lardy lallies might find their place on a colour chart: magnolia with hints of pink.

I sort of drifted into The Circle‘s fictional dystopia, like down wafted into a web of words.



As the sun shined my brow the pinpricks of Dave Eggers’ satire tattooed patterns in my imagination. & by the final page I knew I had been living in a metaphor. My faith in social networks has been bruised (I won’t spoil it for you), yet still and unread I am back at this blog, capturing shards of first thing awakening. One thing is certain: my day didn’t look like this in my dreams.

So many things to do. Press on.

This is the Well Thumbed press release for the 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival (as approved by the EdFringe media office). Spread the word.Well Thumbed press release edfringe #2

Apparently (according to experts), a press release is not enough.  Now I need to devise ways to get noticed. My pics in the British Comedy Guide may not suffice. I need a story, a photo-opportunity, a celebrity being Well Thumbedtwo-thumbs-up

Even a politician demonstrating a surprising ability to get his (or her) thumb out of his (or her) arse will do me at a push. Warning: not all thumbs in the next picture have been accounted for. Cue conspiracy theory.Screen_Shot_2017-02-17_at_7.22.03_AM.png

Trump does get a passing mention in Well Thumbed because, like, everything is connected. It’s like, uh, a Well Thumbed circle, yeah & not in the slightest gratuitous.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 13.47.04

Meanwhile, practicalities. Posters and flyers for the Edinburgh Preview Performances on 26th and 27th July have been delivered to Chapter in Cardiff.

Perhaps a Welsh Politician would like to stick his (or her) thumb in the ring?

Or some other place where the sun don’t shine.

The Well Thumbed  poster will be on Chapter walls. Keep an eye out and be sure to point a thumb at it while saying, ‘Oh yes, I am definitely going to that. I’ve heard it’s very funny.’ The performances are at 8.30 – by which time the sun will have gone in so none of us can have any excuse not to be there. Get a drink in and brace yourself.

Chapter Box Office

Now, back to the garden and the sunshine.

Screen Shot 2017-07-09 at 14.08.34

I’ll think of something.


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