Well, Well Thumbed is open and being tweaked as we speak. Way, way too knackered today to get into some kind of abstract stream of consciousness bloggery. This will be the most straightforward and unnuanced web log that I have, to date, attempted.


Well Thumbed was very warmly received, and nice things have been said & tweeted. Thank you all so very much.

As always the next show learns from the last. So, post-perf and overnight there has been a small change at the top and another at the bottom (a better end at the end). & a couple of squashy bits and bobs around the middle have been tightened up.


How do I feel?

Like an unpeopled stage set. Empty yet full of possibilities.  Exhausted but full of life. Exhilarated and unsatisfied.

& positively looking forward to the next outing – at the Wigtown Book Festival tomorrow.


The pictures here were all taken by Liz Gardiner, Notional Theatre’s administrator and more importantly (nepotism aside) the wife of the bloke in the pictures. Me. The location was pre-curtain-up at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff last night. The date was our 31st wedding anniversary.

Last year we celebrated our Pearl as visitors to the Wigtown Book Festival. And this year we’ll be back there with this show.

Now that’s what I call a date.



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