In times of rehearsal the world shrinks around a performer’s shoulders, hugging, squeezing, keeping reality at a safe distance. The outside world bangs on the door, an inept burglar huffing and puffing, ‘Let me in, I want to steal your focus’.

Sometimes, stuff happens.  You get yourself sidetracked. Look! How big the world is. See! That e-petition really is very important. Ah! How small I am in the scheme of things…

That’s when an early morning, half-waking reverie makes Well Thumbed leaps of synaptic logic. I am Tom Thumb. I am Thumbelina. Lost in space. Lost to the world. Lost in rehearsals dreams.

What is every dreamy actor’s ultimate desire? A big hand.


Then I get butterflies. You see, it all makes some kind of sense.

BTW, all credit to the fairy illustrators Vilhelm Pederson and E. A. Lemann.

I woke up this morning …  blinking away the fairy dust. And back in the real world it turns out that this is Banned Books Week. Oh Happy Day! I did not see that coming. Here I am about to perform in Well Thumbed, a show that draws inspiration from, y’know, books of that sort. Including, let it be known, one very, very well-known fairy tale.


You’ll find all the Well Thumbed details you could possibly need on Notional Theatre’s homepage <>.

Me, I am once more back on the helter skelter of final rehearsals.

Head on straight.



The world shrinks away.

But now I know that dreams can and do come true.

& no fairies were harmed in the making of this blog.

Thank you, Thumbelina.








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