Singing for my supper & dancing to the media’s tune.          1, 2, 3, 4, I declare Well Thumbed war.

Yes, that’s me playing Thumb Wars with Mr Go Compare (yes, really) in a bijou publicity stunt inspired by the title of Well Thumbed. And, yes, don’t get me wrong, I was more than happy to go along with it. Wynne’s a lovely man. He let me win. It’s a Wynne-win situation. Besideswhich, the more and however the words Well Thumbed get out there the better the chance of finding an audience.

The interview for Wynne Evans’ show on BBC Radio Wales – following Taylor Swift out of the 11.30 news break – was fun and full of useful Well Thumbed puffery. I could have asked for no greater opportunity to recommend and enthuse.

But, and this is what’s on my mind, the memorable hook is Thumb Wars which has nothing (apart from a poorly pun) to do with Well Thumbed. It’s the final realisation that all  (and whatever) our creative efforts and artistic endeavours add up to is yet another product in the market place, fighting  a 2 star shoot-em-up at the local multiplex to get those bums on our seats. It’s a marketing rule of thumb. So, Well Thumbed is full of sex & violence – well, sex & sexy violence – artistically credible and commercially attractive.

Do you bite your thumb at me, sir?  Let’s fight for a share of the leisure and entertainment economy. Bring it on. & beware you 2 stars in a shoot-em-up, I do my own Thumb Wars stunts.


This is a pic(k) of my actual thumb armour. There is now less than a week to go until Well Thumbed opens. I am in a whirl. My heart is already beating faster than a well strummed thumb piano. But I am so thumbs up for it.

&, please, no more thumb puns.





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