Subliminal undercurrents and esoteric motivations that drive a piece of creative work …

                       Eh, what’s that all about then?

I am wrestling with the subtext.

                       Oh, stop being pretentious.

The writer underpins a text with a personal philosophy

The director brings another, human appetites abound

This performer finds hidden truths in cups of coffee

And the audience interprets what is left to be found

                     I cannot believe you stooped to poetry.

I am trying to explain, as co-writer and sole performer, what is going on in my head as we bring Well Thumbed to the stage.

                    Go on then. Explain yourself.

This is like talking to myself in public…


Well, Well Thumbed is a compendious celebration. There’s no story arc, as such. Nor, with so many classic authors involved, is there much room for character development. Well Thumbed is a theatrical amusement. A mischievous diversion. The serious Well Thumbed subtexts are in the context and concept of the piece:

  • Humanity (here, in the form of great writers) has wrestled with sexual identity and contemporary moralities since the year dot but here’s proof that nothing has really changed.
  • Humanity is greater than any religious stricture or political morality.
  • Censorship always fails.

                    That’s not a whatchamacallit. Subsex. That’s the message.                                                         & you are up your own –

OK. Whatever.

                   So stop faffing about. The job is to entertain. Get on with it.

Fair enough.

                    What’s it all about?

Well, Well Thumbed is a saucy compilation of the finest mucky bits from classic authors. As many short and sweet bits as could be squeezed in to a single set of stand up literature. Well Thumbed is well read and well rude.

                    But is it funny?

Oh yes. Very. And you’ll never guess who turned up at rehearsals… Only one of the most banned authors of all time. See –


                      That’s Mark Twain!

You won’t believe what he put in the mouth of Homer.


Now you’re being silly.

                    Isn’t that the real subtext?





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