This afternoon was spent at the (1) Sherman Theatre in Cardiff, enjoying the company of (2) Sir Patrick Stewart. He was chatting about life, luck and politics. And the importance of being a member of (3) Equity.

OK, perhaps you have fallen into this blog by accident. Here’s some facts.

So, (1), the Sherman Theatre. A highlight of upcoming programme is The Weir by Conor McPherson, directed by Rachel O’Riordan. It runs from October 7th.

The Weir‘d Sherman fact: Well Thumbed director Steven Elliott is in the cast.

(2) Patrick Stewart, who he? Actor, cowboy singer, sir, OBE. Star Trek, X-Men, the RSC and among other things.


Yes, him. Patrick Stewart. Nice man.

X-fact: He is currently touring with fellow X-Men star Sir Ian McKellen in a West End and Broadway production of Pinter’s No Man’s Land. If you want more facts Google it.

(3) Equity is the UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners.  This is its logo:


Bonus fact:  Notional Theatre’s Well Thumbed boasts an entire cast, production, administration and web-mastery of Equity members. We’re proud of that fact. And we would all like to thank Abbie and Caron (and the rest of the the Cardiff branch) for excellently organising today’s event.

Patrick Stewart’s message today, to a theatre full of Equity members, came down to two things, really. Be lucky and be brave.

And here’s an oddity that kinda brings it all together. From X-Men to Z Men. The first time Terry Victor, who plays Well Thumbed‘s Librarian, played the Sherman, it was in a production of Much Ado About Nothing (TV likes to joke that he played the title rôle). The role of Dogberry (or was it Verges?) was played by the late Howell Evans.


You might remember Howell as Daddy in Stella. Way, way back he appeared in The Goons’ movie Down Among the Z Men. He was really proud of that credit.

So that’s the X & Z in the title taken care of. Where’s the Y? Why the Y? In ye weird world of Well Yumbed the Y is the ‘thorn’, an old letter of ye alphabet that was conveniently supplanted with the ‘y’ but still pronounced ‘th’. Then mispronounced. Think  ‘Ye Merrie Olde Whatever Shoppe’. Think Shakespeare. Don’t worry about it. That’s our job.


Final facts, in case you really don’t know: Notional Theatre’s production of Well Thumbed is currently rehearsing. You can see it at Chapter in Cardiff, four weeks today, on Wednesday 28th September and two days later at the Wigtown Book Festival. Or you’ll have to wait until 2017.

Be lucky and be brave.



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