So, anyway, I committed to this Well Thumbed notion. To be honest, it was kind of in a fit of pique. A half-formed Well Thumbed had been rattling the bars for ages but seemed destined to lurk in the shadows… then a much larger Notional Theatre project got itself grounded in the shallows of not enough funding. ‘Right,’ I thundered, ‘if anyone will have it I’ll do Well Thumbed!’ I like to think I thundered. I needed a bit of drama at the time. Daring fate to call my bluff we sent emails to literature festivals.

Fate called, left a message.


One bright idea and many years (and a fit of pique) later I find myself committing to Well Thumbed, a Notional Theatre performance that delights in some of the guilty pleasures that you can find between the sheets. A bookish celebration for lovers of literature; the bawdy pleasures and accidental treasures of our cultural heritage all wrapped up as a rare piece of one-night-stand intimate chamber theatre; equally suited to arts centres and book tents.

  • The top-shelf research mileage for Well Thumbed has been statistically phenomenal. From ancient Greeks to way back in the days of the last century when I actually started on an early draft of the text. So long ago that D. H. Lawrence was still in copyright when I started. And he’s as modern as it gets.


BTW FYI: D. H. Lawrence has exactly six words in the final Well Thumbed script. I wonder if you can guess what one of those words might be. There’s a fifty-fifty chance you’ll be right.

The Well Thumbed creative process has been finding ways to separate me from the material I am sharing; then how to get that from stage to audience. Technically, there are elements of character stand-up, variety, book group and Restoration comedy. Practically, I have to learn bits, read bits, sit down sometimes and stand up as appropriate. Really, you’ll have to be there to see how that works.




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