Well-thumbed random notes from Terry Victor’s well-foxed pages…

Well Thumbed TV Books
… that’s antiquarian me in the well thumbed pages
  • You see, well, here’s the thing. Somewhere along the line you commit to a notion and what happens next is that you are up to your eyes in a project. And then you say, yeah, OK, I’ll do a blog. Whatever. So this is that. What can I tell you about Notional Theatre’s Well Thumbed?
  •  How best to describe Well Thumbed. Try this:  ‘a character-driven literary event’ & ‘this libertine & ribald celebration contains historically robust language & subject matter’. There you probably have it.

TRIGGER WARNING: Are you serious? How can you take offence at anything in high-quality classic literature?

Screen Shot 2016-06-19 at 16.45.35

Question: What is Well Thumbed?

  • If life is really like a box of chocolates then Well Thumbed is chocker with more than enough creamy treats and well hard confections to satisfy the most exacting tastes.

Serious Question:  What, precisely, is Well Thumbed?

Straight Answer: A theatrical one-man chamber piece with more quality writers than a boxset American sitcom. A salacious selection from the best of books. Or, as it says on the publicity material, ‘…one man’s gentle yet irredeemably prurient thumbing through those well used pages of literature.’

  • I created the shape, structured the rhythms, wrote and now perform the linking material. There is genius is in the well-thumbed dirty bits between my words.
  • The central notion of Well Thumbed is also a happy fact of library life. Classic books by immortal authors tend to fall open at the well-thumbed smutty bits. It’s a rich heritage.
  • I suppose the subtextual purpose of Well Thumbed is seduction. To persuade audiences by means of laughter and enticing soundbites that they need more classic literature in their lives. And failing that, having dipped into the literally shallow end of literature, for them to enjoy the vicarious thrills of feeling well read.

For those who prefer instant social gratification there is  a Twitter hashtag: #WellThumbed



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